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Special Interest Days 2015 

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Walton and Hersham


These special interest days take place at the Riverhouse in Walton and normally take the form of two lectures in the morning followed by lunch. A further lecture or discussion follows in the afternoon.

Previous years' programmes for special interest days 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007.

Tuesday, 31th March

Manhattan from the Rockefeller Center
A view of Manhattan from the Rockefeller Center

New York, New York

Mary AlexanderThe life of New York through the people who live or have lived there, the street life, icons, architecture and neighbourhoods, as well as art. We all have a vision of New York but Mary Alexander will show us the many different facets of the city.


Tuesday, 29th September

Examples of Egyptian glass
Examples of Egyptian glass

Five Thousand Years of Glass

Andy McConnell

Andy McConnell of Antiques Roadshow fame, will guide us through the three ages of glass with a digital presentation as well as passing around examples from his vast collection. He will cover how and where it was first made, the discovery of glass blowing and how it spread across Europe. He will also show how glass was originally the preserve of the wealthy but with industrialisation and improved technology it was given away free at petrol stations! The afternoon will allow time for guests to bring along their own pieces for Andy to appraise.

Please note this lecture will start at 10.00am

Tuesday, 8th December (evening)

Pierrot - Le Mime Francais
Le Mime Francais - Pierrot, 1830

Festive Supper

Oh, Yes it is!

Jane Tapley

The history of pantomine from ancient to modern times.