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  1. What a fascinating talk today. Really excellent – good slides, extremely good speaker, and a most interesting presentation.

    I would also like to thank John Smith for all his efforts in finding an alternative venue. I think it worked extremely well and would not be unhappy if this were to be our future home.

    Thank you

  2. Very interesting lecture but found the speaker’s voice somewhat grating which rather marred the talk. Also the slides did not fit in seamlessly with the presentation. Fascinating subject though.


    For the past four years since 2015 I have had the privilege of joining the annual Walton Arts Society Tour organised by Halina Heyworth. She has taken us to Liverpool, Dresden, Yorkshire, Turin and Norfolk.

    I have seen places I would not necessarily have visited, admired wonderful works of art, been
    enthralled by both myths and facts and simply been overwhelmed by beauty in so many different forms. Each year the trips have added to my appreciation of art in its myriad forms and I have been inspired to know more and explore further.

    An additional unforeseen benefit of the annual expeditions has been the new friends I have made who have enriched my life in completely different ways. I think particularly of getting to know the wonderful Dana Heyworth on one of the earlier trips and how grateful I am for that.

    The social value of the trips should not be underestimated either, as I am sure our Walton branch is more close-knit and integrated as a result of so many of us travelling together and being able to share memories and anecdotes from our times together.

    All of us, who have had the privilege of being on any of the trips, owe Halina a huge debt of gratitude for enriching our lives in such an enjoyable way.

    Thank you Halina for so many amazing memories.

    Lynne Watson

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